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What Will People Think!?

Do you live your life based on what people will think about:

  • what you do for an income
  • where you live
  • your primary mode of transportation
  • how you dress
  • what your children do?

Do you base your actions and decisions on how you think people will judge you?

Are you a slave to the opinions of others, the status quo, the norm?

Listen to  Tam and Dr Chan’s Growing Consciousness show today and their frank discussion on “What Will People think???” :

What Will People Think?

Call (347) 308-8709 in a few hours to join our live radio discussion “What will people think!?” at:

Coincidence or Synchronicity?

Synchronicity – is there such a thing?  Does every seemingly unrelated thought/event/meeting we experience bear some significance on our personal growth? Or are they mere coincidences? Tam and Dr. Chan invite you to listen in as they explore “Synchronicity” during another insightful episode of Growing Consciousness.

Living Soulfully

Are you just trudging through daily routines and going through the motions, or are you living soulfully?

How can you bring depth and value to ordinary life activities?

How can you nurture a more meaningful life at home and in the wider world?

How can we use our creativity and imagination to shape our lives for the good of the soul?

Growing Consciousness hosts Tam and Dr Chan invited dancehall reggae artiste Sanjay, to share in a soulful discussion on “Living Soulfully.”

Listen in at:

Top 3 Growing Consciousness Episodes

Top 3 Growing Consciousness Episodes


Due to unforeseen circumstances, Growing Consciousness will not be aired live today (1pm EST). We apologise for any inconvenience caused. We invite you to check out our three top shows until next week when dancehall reggae artiste, Sanjay, joins us live. Thank you and continue to grow in consciousness.


Have you listened to our top 3 episodes yet?

If not click the links below to find out why Growing Consciousness listeners love these episodes so much.


Our #1 show with the highest number of live and archived listens combined is “Growing Consciousness – What Does It Mean To You?”:–what-does-it-mean-to-you


Our 2nd most listened to episode is “Forgiveness“:


Our 3rd most popular episode is “Courage: Working Through Fear“:


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