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The Power of Self-Understanding

Understanding ourselves for who we authentically are, can vanquish loneliness, facilitate genuine self-acceptance, and bring us lasting happiness.

Growing Consciousness Radio hosts Tam and Dr Chan explore how the path of Self-Understanding brings gifts into our lives.

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Achieving Life’s Equilibrium

Are you finding it challenging to balance work, school, children, spouse and household chores?

Is it possible to slow down to the speed of life and achieve equilibrium?

Well-known Caribbean financial analyst Dennis Chung weighs in on “Achieving Life’s Equilibrium” in his new book.

Tam and Dr Chan had an insightful discussion with special guest, Dennis Chung, as they discussed key points from his latest book “Achieving Life’s Equilibrium.” Listen any time at:

Achieving Life’s Equilibrium

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No, I’m Not Sorry

No, I’m Not Sorry


I’m tired of apologising for being who I am.
Tired of being expected to apologise for hurting your feelings when I’m merely staying true.
I’m tired of feeling sorry for saying “I’m sorry” without having considered whether I was really sorry or not.
“Sorry” for brushing against you on a crowded bus, for asking for help because I can’t find my way, for not knowing you were waiting BEHIND me wanting to get by…. Tired of hearing, feeling, saying sorry just for the heck of it.
“Stop being a coward.”
I remind myself, “Just be aware and be you.”
….Can I get an “Amen” or a “Naymen”?

Tam and Dr. Chan express their views, passions and sensibilities in another earthy episode of Growing Consciousness.

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