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Setting & Achieving Goals

So it’s a new year, and many persons are expressing their desire to achieve personal¬† and professional goals. But many people are lost or confused as to how to get from here to there.

Others have no idea what they truly want and simply latch on to the goals that society tells us we should have, or they avoid setting goals completely.

How do you set goals that are in line with what you genuinely want for your life?

How can you achieve these goals?

Tam and Dr Chan examine how we can effectively set and achieve our personal and professional goals on Growing Consciousness radio. Listen now at:


Dreaming Consciously and In Detail – Manifesting in 2013!

Welcome to our first Growing Consciousness episode Manifesting in 2013!

We hope you’re as excited as we are about this brand new year. It’s like unwrapping a shiny new gift except you have clues about what’s inside because it’s what you’ve dreamed – what you’ve “thought” into reality! Question is were you dreaming consciously? If not, now is the perfect time to start!

Dr Chan and Tam share personal experiences and discuss the importance of dreaming consciously and in detail in order to attract and manifest abundance into our lives in this our first Growing Consciousness show of 2013.

Listen now at:
Manifesting in 2013


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