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Affirmations for Your Nation

Different countries are facing various prevalent issues, eg crime/violence in Trinidad & Tobago, racism/racial injustice in the US, dire poverty in Zimbabwe.

Does what we each think, speak, or believe about the country we call home, help to shape social norms and cultural phenomena?

Can affirmations help heal entire countries?

Does our collective consciousness move and shape nations?

Reverend Dr Sonia Davidson shares her views on how our affirmations can shape nations, with Growing Consciousness’ Tam & Dr Chan.

Feeling a sense of lack?

Want more out of life?

Our episode on Prosperity is just for you.

Awaken your True Self by sharing with hosts, guests and fellow listeners on Growing Consciousness internet radio. Growing Consciousness takes you on an inner journey.

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Is Your Body Beautiful?

Do you like your body? Every lump, bump, pimple, scar and jiggle?

Do you look at the mirror and smile or do you pick apart and criticise your physical attributes?

Do you love your body conditionally or unconditionally?

Do you constantly compare your body to the air-brushed images in Muscle, Fitness and Fashion magazines?

Growing Consciousness hosts Tam and Dr Chan discuss Body Image, and how we can love and accept our bodies more. Listen now at: Is Your Body Beautiful on Growing Consciousness internet radio.

Seeing Beyond the Veil

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

How often do you judge yourself and others based on looks?

Are you looking for love yet continuing to judge prospects based on image?

Are you allowing “image” to limit your experiences, your options, your sense of self and well-being?

Tam and Dr Chan had another down-to-earth discussion about “Seeing Beyond the Veil!” Take a listen: