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I Survived! 08/28 by Growing Consciousness | Spirituality Podcasts

I Survived! 08/28 by Growing Consciousness | Spirituality Podcasts.

Are you going through a difficult period?

Is your valley period marked by debt, loss, pain, illness?

Are you wondering if you can make it to the other side and regain your life?

Arlene Nelson of Pink Stone Place faced a serious health issue and not only recovered, but also started a company that helps others who are recuperating from the same disease that once threatened her life.

Arlene shares her story of inspiration, hope and survival with Tam and Dr Chan on this episode of Growing Consciousness radio –  I Survived!

Seeing Beyond the Veil

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

How often do you judge yourself and others based on looks?

Are you looking for love yet continuing to judge prospects based on image?

Are you allowing “image” to limit your experiences, your options, your sense of self and well-being?

Tam and Dr Chan had another down-to-earth discussion about “Seeing Beyond the Veil!” Take a listen:

Celebrating Your Greatness 2012 – This one’s for you!

Tam and Dr Chan invite you to join them in giving thanks for the joys and achievements of 2012!

Celebrate you for overcoming those trials and for embodying the strength and courage to make it through!

Listen to the episode “Celebrating Your Greatness 2012 – This one’s for you!” now at:–this-ones-for-you

Treasurin’ the Valley – Valuing “down” Time During the Climb

How often have you felt sad or low due to frustration/anger/disappointment…while keeping your eyes on the prize and actively pursuing your goal?

Did you allow yourself to linger in that state?
Did anything beneficial manifest from your time there?
Did anything renew your strength or inspire you to carry on along your way?

A valley can be a dark, scary and lonely place but CAN we discover paths to growing ourselves more consciously and abundantly from there?

Dr. Chan and Tam share their thoughts and their valley walks in this week’s episode of Growing Consciousness.

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Do You Have Fears That Hold You Back?

Join Growing Consciousness live tomorrow on blogtalkradio to discuss “Courage: Working Through Fear”: