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Me & My Ego

What is “the ego“?

Do you take regular ego trips?

What feeds and satisfies your ego? Designer labels? Your job title? Your looks? Your income?

Do you put down others in order to feel better about yourself?

Do you have to make yourself right and others wrong?

Do you feel that you are superior to others?

Where do you find your sense of worth and completion?

On this episode of Growing Consciousness Tam and Dr Chan discuss the ego, ways in which living from ego manifests in our lives, and how we can live more consciously.


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Feeling overwhelmed by the prospective of change? Listen to our episode “Start From Here.”

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Is Self-Love a Form of Conceit?


Listen any time to today’s episode, “Self-Love,” on  Growing Consciousness as hosts Tam and Dr Chan discuss the greatest love of all and how self-love can lead us on the path to growing consciousness: