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Listen to “Know Thyself”

“Know thyself” – what comes up when you hear those words? Fear, excitement, apprehension, relief? Many people seem to not know themselves very well at all. Some people seem outright terrified to get to know themselves better. Why?


What about you? Does the thought of getting to know yourself better make you smile, or does it make you want to run for the hills?


Growing Consciousness hosts Tam and Dr Chan discuss the path to freedom through getting to know ourselves better during “Know Thyself” on blogtalkradio:

Call or Listen to our Live Discussion on “Self-Knowledge” Today

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Call or Listen to our Live Discussion on “Self-Knowledge” Today

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Growing Through Change

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Do You Have Fears That Hold You Back?

Join Growing Consciousness live tomorrow on blogtalkradio to discuss “Courage: Working Through Fear”:

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Growing Consciousness – Episode I “Growing Consciousness”

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Growing Consciousness is an online radio programme that aims to take listeners on an inner journey to re-discover our True Selves and to grow in consciousness.

Join hosts Tamara Jueridini (Tam) and Chandra Degia (Dr Chan) as they explore paths to growing consciousness.  Call in on Wednesdays and share your views and insights.

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