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Self-Healing: Beyond Heartbreak & Beyond

How often have you healed yourself without even realising it? How much more can you heal when you realise that power, which lies within?

Join Dr Chan and Tam as they explore Self-healing in this episode of growing Consciousness.


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Setting & Achieving Goals

So it’s a new year, and many persons are expressing their desire to achieve personal  and professional goals. But many people are lost or confused as to how to get from here to there.

Others have no idea what they truly want and simply latch on to the goals that society tells us we should have, or they avoid setting goals completely.

How do you set goals that are in line with what you genuinely want for your life?

How can you achieve these goals?

Tam and Dr Chan examine how we can effectively set and achieve our personal and professional goals on Growing Consciousness radio. Listen now at:

Relationships: Relating Through Self-Love

Relationships: Relating Through Self-Love

How does self love influence and impact on our relationships with others – friendships, spousal, family and professional relationships?

Listen as our listeners share their views with us at:

Relationships: Nature versus or featuring Nurture

If you did not get a chance to listen to the show live, you can listen to today’s episode any time at:

Today’s Topic – “Relationships: Nature versus or featuring Nurture”

It’s 2 hours to show time.

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