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Allowing Our Dreams

So, we’re a few months in… Have you been nurturing those exciting dreams you had for 2013?

Most of us know what it feels like to have a desire to do or create something new then have it shot down by giving birth to a multitude of ideas as to why it won’t work. Yet others seem to forge ahead with ease and without regret time and time again.

Is there a link between those who don’t and those who do?

Are we some how blocking the realization of our own dreams?

Tam and Dr Chan have another earthy chat as they explore “Allowing Our Dreams.”

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Letting Go in Order to Grow

So, you’ve set your goals. Your path is clear. Now you’re ready to forge ahead but there’s someone or something you feel tied to, restricting your movement – holding you in this uncomfortable “comfort zone.”

What do you do?

Do you shelf your dream and adhere to the status quo or push beyond your boundaries in pursuit of life by your own design?

Dr Chan and Tam discuss the adventurous process of “letting go in order grow” on today’s episode of Growing Consciousness: