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Creativity – How Do You Express Yours?

Create: “to cause to come into being something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes.”

We are creative beings! Chock full of “I”deas. Created from an Idea – according to many religions and “mythos”. “Dea” is Latin for Goddess, so does that mean our “I”deas are forms of God-ness within us? Powerful creative energy which can only come to life through our creative expressions? Do you consider yourself to be creative?

How do you express your creativity? Do you cook, dance, write, draw, paint, sew… ? Was your creativity fostered as a child? Can we be too old or too untalented to express ourselves creatively?

Dr Chan and Tam discussed their views on Creative Expression on the path to Growing in Consciousness.

Listen now and unleash your creativity.


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