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Living in the Now

What does it mean to be living “In the Now?”

What does it mean to “be in the present moment?”

Does it mean that you never reflect or remember the past?

Does it mean that you never plan or think about your future?

Is there really only 1 moment (the now)?

Tam and Dr Chan discuss the concept of being in the now and how living in the now can can be a path to consciousness growth.


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Holidays – Hurt or Happiness?

Do the holidays mean hurt or happiness to you?

Do you get the holiday blues, or feel stressed, overwhelmed, lonely or depressed during the holidays?

Or do the holidays inspire joy, merriment, love, gratitude, and cheerfulness?

How can the holidays have a deeper meaning? Can we find greater happiness during the holidays?

Co-hosts Tam and Dr Chan share their feelings and thoughts about the holidays on Growing Consciousness radio. Listen as Tam and Dr Chan suggest ways in which you can plot the path to deeper fulfillment and increased happiness over the holiday season:–hurt-or-happiness


Introversion vs Introspection

Listen to our new episode “Introversion – Peace or Panic?” at #GrowinConscious