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What is Prosperity?

Is Prosperity all about the money and the bling?

Do an abundance of love, laughter, and simple joys comprise Prosperity?

What is Prosperity?

How can we recognise Prosperity and invite more of it into our lives?

Tam and Dr Chan talk about Prosperity on the path to growing consciousness.

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Prosperity 08/14 by Growing Consciousness | Spirituality Podcasts.

Allowing Our Dreams

So, we’re a few months in… Have you been nurturing those exciting dreams you had for 2013?

Most of us know what it feels like to have a desire to do or create something new then have it shot down by giving birth to a multitude of ideas as to why it won’t work. Yet others seem to forge ahead with ease and without regret time and time again.

Is there a link between those who don’t and those who do?

Are we some how blocking the realization of our own dreams?

Tam and Dr Chan have another earthy chat as they explore “Allowing Our Dreams.”

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Has your pet brought you healing or valuable lessons? Listen to our episode Pets: Healers and Teachers.

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Friends – The Meaning of Friendship

Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art… It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.” – C. S. Lewis

What does friendship mean to you? How much do you value it? Are you a high maintenance friend or do you wear your friendships loosely? How do you measure your friendships?

Join Tam and Dr. Chan as they explore and share their experiences in another candid down-to-earth discussion about friendship on Growing Consciousness radio at: Friends – The Meaning of Friendship

Are You A Success?

What does it mean to “be a success?”

What does “failure” really mean?

Were you born a winner?

What does success mean to you? What does it look like, feel like and smell like?

Filmmaker and Director/Writer/Producer of “Ladies Night Out” Juan William Jackson joined Tam and Dr Chan to explore what it means to be a success on this episode of Growing Consciousness.

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Setting & Achieving Goals

So it’s a new year, and many persons are expressing their desire to achieve personal  and professional goals. But many people are lost or confused as to how to get from here to there.

Others have no idea what they truly want and simply latch on to the goals that society tells us we should have, or they avoid setting goals completely.

How do you set goals that are in line with what you genuinely want for your life?

How can you achieve these goals?

Tam and Dr Chan examine how we can effectively set and achieve our personal and professional goals on Growing Consciousness radio. Listen now at: