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Let’s Talk About Sex!

Mature Content
Adults 18 and over only

Tam & Dr Chan sat down and had a frank discussion about “Sex & Spirituality” with sexpert and founder of Fervida sexual workshops, Caleen Diedrick.

Listen now to Caleen’s take on sex as a pathway to spiritual growth on Growing Consciousness radio:


Your thoughts are more powerful than you realise. Listen to our episode “Positive Thinking” to learn how you can use your thoughts to live a more positive and happy life.


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True Love

Listen to this week’s episode on “True Love” to find out how you can redeem your FREE 30 minute consultation with the Soul Mate Catalyst Maeve Crawford. This FREE offer expires tomorrow – Sunday February 17!

Our most requested guest to date, The Soul Mate Catalyst – Maeve Crawford, joined Tam and Dr Chan to discuss “True Love” on Day of International Self-Love, February 13.

Songs describe all types of feelings related to love but what is love?

Can you tell the difference between romantic love, pseudo love and true love?

Can you love someone and let them go?

What really, is genuine love?

How can I find True Love?

Listen to the discussion on “True Love” on Growing Consciousness Radio: