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Start From Here

What do we do when we want to change or move forward?

Does the challenge feel daunting? Do you feel overwhelmed?

How do we begin?

Where do we start?

Tam and Dr Chan discuss  with callers how we can start the process of getting from here to there on Growing Consciousness radio.

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Is their a connection between Sex and Personal Growth? Listen to “Let’s Talk About Sex.” (MATURE CONTENT – 18 years and older)

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Awaken your True Self by sharing with hosts, guests and fellow listeners on Growing Consciousness internet radio. Growing Consciousness takes you on an inner journey.

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Letting Go in Order to Grow

So, you’ve set your goals. Your path is clear. Now you’re ready to forge ahead but there’s someone or something you feel tied to, restricting your movement – holding you in this uncomfortable “comfort zone.”

What do you do?

Do you shelf your dream and adhere to the status quo or push beyond your boundaries in pursuit of life by your own design?

Dr Chan and Tam discuss the adventurous process of “letting go in order grow” on today’s episode of Growing Consciousness: