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I Survived! 08/28 by Growing Consciousness | Spirituality Podcasts

I Survived! 08/28 by Growing Consciousness | Spirituality Podcasts.

Are you going through a difficult period?

Is your valley period marked by debt, loss, pain, illness?

Are you wondering if you can make it to the other side and regain your life?

Arlene Nelson of Pink Stone Place faced a serious health issue and not only recovered, but also started a company that helps others who are recuperating from the same disease that once threatened her life.

Arlene shares her story of inspiration, hope and survival with Tam and Dr Chan on this episode of Growing Consciousness radio –  I Survived!

Living in the Now

What does it mean to be living “In the Now?”

What does it mean to “be in the present moment?”

Does it mean that you never reflect or remember the past?

Does it mean that you never plan or think about your future?

Is there really only 1 moment (the now)?

Tam and Dr Chan discuss the concept of being in the now and how living in the now can can be a path to consciousness growth.


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