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6 Ways to Get What You Want

Got your mind set on a dream, You can get it, though hard it may seem now.” – Jimmy Cliff


Can you really get what you want?

Do you have a clear vision of what you want?

Do you believe that you deserve what you want?

How can living in the now bring us success in the future?

In your profession, are you trying to advance the interests of your internal and external customers, as well as your own?

Do you take a sincere interest in others?

Do you sincerely desire the best for others?

Are there really things we can do to get what we want without backstabbing, being servile, manipulating, conning, or being selfish?

Can you really get what you want?

Discover 6 ways to Get What You Want with Tam & Dr Chan on Growing Consciousness internet radio.


Does what we each think, speak, or believe about the country we call home, help to shape social norms and cultural phenomena?

Find out how your own affirmations help heal entire nations.


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