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Thank You!

Growing Consciousness radio listeners and fans, thank you for your support, feedback, and positive energy throughout 2012.

Our live internet radio shows resume on Wednesday January 9, 2013.

We invite you to listen to the shows and to continue to share your thoughts, insights and beliefs with us by calling the radio show live, and by making Facebook, Twitter and website posts.

We look forward to continuing our journey of Growing our Consciousness with you in 2013.

Best wishes for 2013 and beyond!

– Tam & Dr Chan

Celebrating Your Greatness 2012 – This one’s for you!

Tam and Dr Chan invite you to join them in giving thanks for the joys and achievements of 2012!

Celebrate you for overcoming those trials and for embodying the strength and courage to make it through!

Listen to the episode “Celebrating Your Greatness 2012 – This one’s for you!” now at:–this-ones-for-you